Resources – 2/8 PM


2:45 Oceans Matter: Maury Project and More Kimberly Mckinley Taylor Click Here
2:45 Designing with Electrical Circuits Barbara Adcock Click Here
2:45 Fraction Action Mary Hunter Ayer Click Here
2:45 A Successful Math/Engineering Elementary School Curriculum Marilyn Barger & Richard Gilbert Click Here
2:45 From STEM to STEAM: Adding Language ARTS Stephanie Cochrane & Kerry Dixon Click Here
2:45 Exploring National Days through monthly STEM challenges! Megan Dougherty & Kristen Hellman Click Here
2:45 Where’s the “T”? Kate Green & Barbara Daniels Click Here
2:45 Getting It Off The Ground: Classroom Makerspace Kelly Hoggard & Elizabeth Lewis Click Here
2:45 Engineering Is Elementary Roy Ann Jolley & Ginger Baggette Click Here
2:45 Blending Literature & Design Briefs Emily Loving Click Here
2:45 Fairytale Fridays: STEAM and Literature in K-3 Amy Lutter, Taryn Browning, Karah Morhan, Mackenzie Escobar Click Here
2:45 Supercharge Your Lessons Phyllis Meade & Drew Lowery Click Here
2:45 Embedded EdTech and Innovation Professional Development Urvi Morrison & Allison Furton Click Here & Here
2:45 SCRATCH That Itch For Video Game Design Heather Reisenweber & Amy Qualls Click Here
2:45 Creating an Integrated Robotics Curriculum Robin Ricketts & Casey Suzanne Click Here
2:45 New STEM Activities for Children with Autism and Special Needs Ken Scheel Click Here
2:45 Shake It Up Earthquakes and Architecture Peter Sheldon, Igor Rwaka, Skylar Pippin, Amanda Rumore Click Here
2:45 LEGO Education’s Simple Machines and Motorized Mechanisms Joan Harper-Neely & Rose Kimball Click Here
2:45 It All Starts with STEM! Dawn Toole & Elizabeth Fulcher Click Here
4:15 Cross-Curricular 3D Thinking for All Elementary Grade Levels Gary Daniels Click Here
4:15 Get Your Build On: Great Engineering Activities Cheryl Adeyemi & Mary Beth Hull Click Here
4:15 Planning with Science & Engineering Practices in Mind Adrienne Kravchak Click Here
4:15 Rube Goldberg: Using a Contraptions Lab in STEAM Mathieu Campet & Brian Lachance Click Here
4:15 Bringing New Dimensions to Learning Matt Caratachea & Karen Hues Click Here
4:15 Global Collaboration + STEM = Exponential Learning Tina Coffery & Leigh Ann Becker Click Here
4:15 I’ve Lost My Marbles! Elyse DeQuoy & Barbara Large Click Here
4:15 Age-Appropriate and Fun Coding Activities for Elementary Students Ron Todd, Bob Laymier, Krista Miller, Linda Harpine, Bobbie Arbogast, & Heather Cherry Click Here
4:15 It’s Gravity-Powered and STEM-Driven Frankie Gilmore Click Here
4:15 Makers, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs Terry Guiffré & Tanaga Boozer Click Here
4:15 Hacking all of the Sciences Melinda Huffman Click Here
4:15 Utilizing a Digital Daily 5 in Reading Sarah King & Erica Martin Click Here
4:15 Pop It Up! Elizabet Kirk & Lisa Brown Click Here
4:15 Engineer Your Own: Architecture Ellen Martin Click Here
4:15 Beyond A K-5 Coding Curriculum Map Michelle Pealo, Mallory Bradley, Charlene Hinshaw, & Heather Greer Click Here
4:15 Engineering your Computer Lab Terry Phillips Click Here & Here
4:15 Yes They Can: Engineering for Pre-K and K Ken Scheel Click Here
4:15 Lots of Bots: Using Robots to Engage Young Learners Heather Smith-Reeps & Jessica Herr Click Here
4:15 Putting the “T” in STEM Courtney Steele & Amy Keen Click Here
4:15 STEM K-2: The Beginning Days Wesley Strayer & Devon Becker Click Here