Resources – 2/8 AM

10:00 Breakout EDU Kim Laraway & Meg Yancey Click Here
10:00 Design a Device to Help a Teacher Diane Marx & Lilly West Click Here
10:00 I’m an inventor!: Now What? Sharon Rogers Moore Click Here
10:00 Creating a Schoolwide STEM Program Greg Machi Click Here
10:00 Story Time STEAM Brittney Boone, Kristen Slayton, & Sean Collins Click Here
10:00 Using LEGO to Develop Creative and Confident Writers Steven Charlish Click Here
10:00 Integration at its Best Matthew Cote & Lisa Young Click Here
10:00 Designing One-and-Done Maker Challenges Jamee Dion Click Here
10:00 Connecting With Families Through I-STEM Nights Diana Ferguson & Tonia Campillo Click Here
10:00 Keep Clam and STEM On….in Pre-K! Emily Harrell & Ronnell Penn Click Here
10:00 Coding the Curriculum Karen Hues & Matt Caratachea Click Here
10:00 2-D to 3-D Hologram Projector Clifton Jones & Alisa Rushing Click Here
10:00 Can You Break Out? Brian Lachance & Mat Campet Click Here
10:00 Power Up Your Room Jessica Palmer & Kate Green Click Here
10:00 Wind Energy Weightlifter Challenge Remy Pangle Click Here
10:00 Twists, Turns, and Torque: Roller Coaster Engineering Peggy Schimmoeller, Igor Ngabo, & Sklyar Pippin Click Here  & Here
10:00 Implementing Best Practices Through STEAM Diana Schmiesing & Sarah Phillips Click Here
10:00 Connecting Careers to Engineering Activities Michele Siebert & Emily Fielder Click Here
10:00 LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Erin Sowa Click Here
10:00 Breakout Your Escape Room Super Powers! Meg Yancey & Kim Laraway Click Here
10:00 & 11:30 Fairy Tales Come to Life Kimberly Howerton & Meredith Rose Click Here
11:30 STEM Buddies to Teach Perseverance, Patience, and Collaboration Ryan Barter & Sarah Roche Click Here
11:30 How to Nurture Girl Builders Michelle Bruch Click Here
11:30 WILD about STEM!! Judy Christopher, Vicki Bohidar & Lynn Smith Click Here
11:30 Seeing Engineering Everywhere! Andrew Gillen, Cheryl Carrico, Jacob Grohs, & Holly Matuscovich Click Here
11:30 Blending Literature & Design Briefs Emily Loving Click Here
11:30 Music and STEM? Veronica Kennedy Click Here
11:30 Analyzing Local Waterways: An Exploration of Math and Science with Microcontrollers William Kjellstron, Justin Stauffer, Brandy Garbaccio, & Betsy Agee Click Here
11:30 Osmo in Action Brian Lachance & Mat Campet Click Here
11:30 Stepping into Standards Based STEM Alaina Bear & Chelsea Knickmeyer Click Here
11:30 One-Page PBL Planning Karah Morgan, Mackenzie Escobar, Amy Lutter, & Katie Brennen Click Here
11:30 Makerspaces and Integrative STEM Learning: The Transformation of a Small School Division Lisa Moyer & Blenna Patterson Click Here
11:30 Teaching Squishy Circuits with STEM Minor Students Taylor Neuman, Casy Craven, & Janelle Konkle Click Here
11:30 PBS KIDS Scratch Jr. Coding Rosalie Rodriquez Click Here
11:30 STEM Activities with KEVA Planks: The Beauty of Open-ended Challenges Ken Scheel Click Here
11:30 “Cat in the Hat”: STEM with That! Cindy Smith & Erin Alexander-Flores Click Here
11:30 LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Erin Sowa Click Here
11:30 STEM + Literacy = Deeper Learning Mary Lisa Watts, Crystal McArtan, & Elizabeth Kirk Click Here
11:30 Powerful Partnerships: A Guide to Interdisciplinary STEAM Programming Hannah Weiss & Linde Furman Click Here
11:30 Aviation Fascination: Let STEAM Take Flight! Megan Tucker Click Here
11:30 Oceans Matter: Maury Project and More Kimberly Mckinley Taylor Click Here