Professional Development 

Design Briefs for the Study of Technology

The goal of these instructional units are to assist teachers at grades K-5 to provide relevent classroom instruction that helps children develop a degree of technological capability. Technological capability is defined as the ability to use, manage, assess, and understand technology. Many of the documents on the Children’s Engineering Council Web site are in PDF format and require Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to be viewed and printed. To obtain a free version of Acrobat Reader, click here.

The Use and Study of Technology in the Elementary School

This section of the Web site features the Children’s Engineering: A Teacher Resource Guide for Design and Technology in Grades K-5.

Each instructional unit includes a design brief, tips for teachers, a guided portfolio, assessment rubric(s), and a correlation to the Virginia Standards of Learning and Standards for Technological Literacy. The instructional units are provided in a convenient .PDF format.